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Tina Bellino

Tarrytown, New York


I am a recently certified 200 hour yoga teacher. I met Victoria during my teacher training as she taught Saturday morning class at the studio where I was studying. 

Her class was required as part of our training. 

Riverstone Yoga taught us in both the cool and hot rooms. I was the only one of thirteen students that could not handle the heat. The hot room was my enemy during those weeks. I remember distinctly saying to myself on that last Saturday that this would be the very last time I ever had to take a hot class again. 

And within a week or two something startling occurred. I craved that class. I needed it on a cellular level that I couldn't understand, that I couldn't believe. And then I had an epiphany. Victoria was no ordinary yoga teacher. I've had dozens over my ten years of practicing. She has a presence that I can't explain with words. Her being is larger than her physical vessel. She imparts knowledge like no other teacher I've experienced, including studio owners. 

There is a depth to her expertise that floored me. Her strengths in anatomy are unparalleled. Her adjustments leave one longing for the next. 

Victoria's decision to move left a hole that cannot be filled. Her essence is sublime. Any studio will be blessed to have Victoria lead a yoga class. 


Tina Bellino 

Subject: About Victoria.....

To Whom it May Concern:


I was exploring a nearby studio in Scarsdale, NY for class options when a video they posted featured Victoria Ramos floating through vinyasa.  Her radiance emanated from a place deeply rooted as did her strong and effortless practice.  With thirty years under my belt in the fitness/wellness industry, I’ve taught with and taken class from many seasoned and talented dancers, athletes and yogis.  Victoria held my attention more than most because she moved  from the joys, pains, and triumphs that life has blessed her with to date.  Not long after, I saw Victoria at a workshop at the same studio and was again impressed by her grace, confidence and warmth.  She was not concerned  with who was there or whether she was visible or not.  Victoria came to see, to experience, and I was again in awe by her powerful and beautiful presence.  A few weeks later while giving class at Equinox, I looked up after centering and there was Victoria in the back row.  Needless to say, the energy and light in that class exceeded all others and it was the perfect opportunity to introduce myself.  We’ve been colleagues and friends ever since, sharing life stories and taking each others classes.  This woman is a gift to the industry. Wherever she goes, she leaves a lasting impression and  to learn from her is to come away with a greater understanding of what love is, what yoga is, what courage is, and what eternal beauty is.  Victoria Ramos is a woman of her word, the real deal and the gifts she offers are grounded in humor, life experience and wisdom.  I highly recommend grabbing any opportunity to work with this fine woman.

Diane Graziosa, RYT-500

BA Dance

Certified in ACE, AFAA, Joseph A. Pilates Mat

Licensed Int’l bodyART Instructor

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